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Leaving the nest

I tried to send a "quick" shoutout newsletter today to run down all of the Blubird News and ran out of room really fast. So, there's some insight into just why I am so completely overwhelmed right now. There are so many exciting things happening for this bright little venture this month and next that it's hard to pick which one to start with.

First of all, I'm so pleased to share that Kenmore friends missing Blubird's line of Felted Alpine Made raw organic goats milk now that Kenmore Farmers Market is over can find our soap at the Elmwood Ave winter market at the Alpine Made booth this winter. They're carrying a small run supply of #goodcleanwool right now, to gauge interest! Pop down and get the goods, and let them know how much you love it, and keep it coming back.

In other #blubirdwholesales news, we are going brick and mortar! #goodcleanwool and Blubird's OOAK art dryer ball sets will be available for purchase this winter at the local artists gallery section at MUSEJar in East Aurora, starting next weekend, Small Business Saturday. (do you like my oh so professional matter of fact blase air, there? I worked on it really hard. I'm actually jumping up and down in glee right this real life?)

And the most exciting yet...our #creativecollaboration with PidgePidge has developed into a brand new, fixed textile arts supply space right at MUSEJar. Let that sink in...a conveniently located fixed reliable source for fiber arts supply. Let me tell you something...I'm wearing my fingers down to the bone right now making felted soap and dryer balls, and I broke my favorite felting pen. I lost an entire Saturday last weekend searching for a replacement, and in the end, didn't even find it. Every small, local arts, sewing or craft shop. Every big box south of Tonawanda - nothing. Finally, I resorted to Amazon. Sweet, sweet Amazon. But the sad fact is, the ability to quickly and conveniently source supplies and materials for us fiber freaks just doesn't exist for anyone south of the city limits. And that makes me sad (and frankly, when it's important, oh so very disgruntled). With a lot of hard work and love, we are carving out a desperately needed hub for modern fiber artists in the southtowns. Local shoppers can browse our #yarntoweavewith weaving palettes or skeins a la carte, pick up a PidgePidge Loom Kit, or, purchase quality spinning and felting fibers from our brand new #blubirdsupplies line right in downtown East Aurora's arts hub, just like all the other artists. The best/secondary part of this? You know what evolves around hubs? Network. Community. Collaboration. All the beautiful extraneous things that being a part of an art is about. So I am so excited to see this realized, and to see what it brings. Watch the website and our Facebook page; I'll be writing more on this subject once we get past next weekend.

Please support our small business by considering us as you gift give this coming season. Your purchase, no matter how small, helps us implement a new design idea or invest in ourselves in so many ways that just wouldn't be possible without the support of localvores and conscious consumers.

In other news, our winter show lineup is up - Blubird will be in the southtowns this season - come see us for conscious shopping on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday in Springville, and Main and Elm next month in East Aurora. Check out the event details for the Springville show on #blubirdflying News here on our site, and on our Facebook page. Don't forget to subscribe to keep updated as details unfold - #blubirdsupplies and #blubirdteaches are coming - as well the #Winter2017 Handspun Collection. Thank you, as always, truly, for your support, and for your business.

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