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Flying High

I don't think this has really sunk in yet, but Blubird's been invited to participate as a guest artisan at the Kenmore Farmer's Market this Sunday, July 9th. Not only does this represent a really great chance to show off (er....demonstrate what Blubird is all about), but this is a pretty big deal for yours truly, as it represents the first time pure, 100% non promoted organic reach has reached out and grabbed me by the driveband.

So, yeah, I'm pretty excited. And yes, that is a really terrible pun. I promise, there will be more. Many, many more. See, if you know me, you'll know that my sense of humor is a little, well...odd. But as I age and grow, I'm realizing that being odd is infinitely more fulfilling than being understood. And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing. So if you stick around, you're going to have to absorb a certain level of really bad schtick.

So, back on track....

I would love to see faces as excited as I am with watching fluffy nameless nondescript fiber turn into gorgeousness. There is something so satisfying in watching order grow from chaos, and trust me, there are few things more fascinating and hypnotizing than watching that flyer whir away. If you've never experienced this, you need to.

Please come show some love and say hello!

I've been a market groupie for YEARS. You can ask my husband. He'll groan and roll his eyes (and then grin a little bit. Because secretly he loves it too). And there's no energy quite like the energy going on at a farmer's market in full swing. And this market looks sooooo cool! We're talking Yoga on the Grass. Yoga. For real. Live Music, and tons of local goodness, and feet on the ground actively promoting local artisan work. I mean, really. Does it get any more deliciously kitchy than that? And here's the thing. This marks the first time I get to stop lurking and actually be a part of all that magic. And in honor of that, I think I'll do a giveaway drawing. Cause apparently I'm grown up and all that now, and I can do that. So come by and sign up to keep in the know and get entered for some loveliness. Who needs some new dryer balls? #ALPINEMADE soap? Hmm...?

I'll have my table loom set up with some free form materials, so if you're feeling intrepid, you can even have a go at playing a little with your own two hands (all hands are welcome - bring the little sticky ones too). The weather looks fantastic. I'll be spinning away when the market opens at 9 and Music kicks off at 10:30. We'll be there until 1, but we're not the only ones! The lineup looks amazing - check out the full details on Facebook through #Blubirdstudio or #kenmorefarmersmarket.

Hope to see you there!

Love, T



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