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Gallery | #LEARN from the past

Peruse past gallery and learning experiences that are too cool to not share.

For previous camps for youth, see our Teen + Kids page.

For previous gallery events and exhibition, browse Exhibit | On View. 

I may occasionally wax philosophically about events and overshare. If this interests you, look for more on the blog and on Substack. 


Foraged Forms | 7.7.24

Olmsted Camp | Sardinia NY 

Our opening retreat in the Olmsted Summer Learning Series - Off Loom Weave and Foraged Forms: an adventure in unconventional basketry and sculptural weaving. Made possible by the support of Springville Center for the Arts and the family of Harold LeRoy Olmsted.

Get Information on July 21 + Aug 11 at #Learn

In this four-hour session, participants learned the basics of twining and basketry technique using soft, easy to manage materials before a guided forage session for vines, runner, fronds and green elements from the grounds of Olmsted Camp: a private secluded camp on the edge of the Cattaraugus Creek gorge 20 minutes south of East Aurora, built by artist and architect Harold LeRoy Olmsted and managed into the present day by his descendants. 

I wrote about Olmsted and his magical camp here, in 2022. This article, unbeknowst at the time, laid the foundations for this collaboration. 

We will be back at Olmsted for Plein Air Tapestry Weaving on July 21 and on August 11 for "Force + Light" - a retreat using cyanotype and flower pounding to create botanical prints from foraged flowers. 

Pigments from Petals | 6.26.24

Masterson's Apiary Center | East Aurora, NY 

Expression of Natural Pigments in plants is the basis of natural dyes. The methods and executions vary. While typically we extract and express through water, hammers also serve as a perfect beginner's foray. Each June we gather under the wisteria canopy at Masterson's for National Pollinators Month. This year weather forced us into the greenhouse, and we spent our time listening to the rain while we worked. Not only was it cathartic, the light was beautiful. A feast for the senses. 


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