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Swedish Tomte Nisse

Swedish Tomte Nisse

Tomte Nisse are a traditiontional Swedish Yule Gnome, meant to act as household guardians during the long dark of winter and to bring good luck to the household. The tradition of the live Tomte lives on  in present day villages all over Sweden. Blubird Tomtes are composed of 100% wool and a sachet core made up of a proprietary cedar based herbal blend, hand mixed by your truly from a family recipe. Beards are a combination of Teeswater and Gotland Locks, a Swedish Breed of Longwool sheep, named after their isle of origin, Gotland, a tiny island off of the Swedish  coast. Crafted entirely by hand using a combination of traditional doll-making techniques and needle felting, our holiday gnomes have no stitching or glue of any kind, smell lovely, and have the seal of approval from our Swedish friends from over the waters. These are as authentic as they come, and made with soul.  Limited quantities available. Each delightfully chubby gnome is approx. 5-7 inches high. OOAK. Every gnome is unique and style varies, based on the artist's whim. 


MYO #makeit kits and virtual workshops for gifting to the makers in your life are also available upon request. Use #communicate to ask for info.

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