HandFelted Themed Dryer Ball Set - Lavender

HandFelted Themed Dryer Ball Set - Lavender

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Dryer balls are an ecologically responsible alternative to mainstream fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Our balls are handmade from wool that knows where it's been, never mass produced, hand felted from start to finish, and pretty enough to stand on their own as decor if you can't stand to actually put them in the dryer.

Take our standard dryer ball and add 30% more weight and pair it with a .5ml bottle of the coordinating essential oil for naturally scented laundry. Perfect for gifting! Each set includes 3 felted dryer balls, with 1 - .5ml bottle of a co-ordinating essential oil. Handmade with 100% American ethically sourced wool, and hand produced from start to finish in small batch. Each set is unique and one of a kind. Choose from Lemon or Eucalyptus.


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