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Fuller is a weaver and felt artist using traditional fiber discipline as a medium to explore concepts of entrapment and suspended states as an outlet for healthy expression of female experience. Her work deliberately incorporates chaotic elements and foreign objects into linear weaving as an exercise in letting go of conforming to external standards, creating a sense of escape and overflow.

She is an exhibiting member of the Buffalo Society of Artists and holds multiple awards. Her work is held in private collections in the United States, Canada and Australia.



The Dark Warp series (2019 - 2020) is a collection of work blending the fluidity and softness of wool with the sharp lines of woven form and metal, creating pieces with contrasting elements that are thought provoking, visceral and at once stark and delicate.

Subsequent Series (Fierce Forms, Wild Forms, Sound Forms, Silent Forms, and The Working Heart, Carnegie, 2023) continued to evoke these thoughts while evolving to communicate without words the process of self-identification in the wake of trauma. Works branched into other media while holding true to woven form and rooted in traditional handcraft technique.

Current work on view, Call to Arms (2023) and Unfurl [for Me], Dissection, Act I (2022), at the Art in Craft Media biennal at Burchfield Penney Art Center, are the culmination of these concepts. 

Works available in studio at 17 Elm Street, East Auora or by request. 

Accepting commissions March 2024 and beyond.


East Aurora, NY


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