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As the daughter of a farmer and artisanal weaver, I've grown up with fiber my whole life. I'm still connected to the larger American cottage wool industry in a professional capacity. As such, I have first hand perspective at the slow decline in accessibility of fiber arts, and the recent post-pandemic resurgence is exciting - it makes me think of the "Return to the Land" movements of the 1970s and all of the things that we now know grew from that reconnection to the land gives me hope. BlubirdTeaches works to discover new ways to apply fiber as a medium in fine art and encourage new interest in the fiber arts. All public workshops and single lessons are focused around small projects that can be accomplished in two hours.  Longer curriculum is open to students who want something more or are hungry for more advanced skills and need help.

Public workshops are running in the East Aurora, city of Buffalo, Niagara County and Rochester area. 

Any public workshop is bookable as an individual studio session, or a cocoon for 5 persons or more. Can handle groups up to 20. Email to book a private workshop.


Most topics can be modified to suit all ages upon request. 

For summertime youth and teen programming, see our #Learn Kids + Teens Page.

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Dye to Dine

Buffalo AKG

July 13 + July 27

In a collaboration with Chef Jessica Arends of Cornelia AKG and the Buffalo AKG Learning + Development

Spend July 13 with me in Studio A at Buffalo AKG learning how to work with natural plant dyes, using local rhubarb as the plant of focus. This beautiful plant, which yields a surprising range of earthy pinks, yellows, and even oranges, dazzles as a natural dye. Students will dye a linen placemat and a coordinating shibori folded linen napkin.

Come back July 27 for an after hours private meal by Cornelia Executive Chef Jessica Arends in the central atrium. Not only is the menu centered around the same plant students learned to dye with, participants will dine on their very own hand-dyed linen place setting, carrying a memory of the plant and the experience.

Limited Space | Discounted rate for AKG Membership.

Weave on the Great Lawn:
Roycroft Campus

July 15 + July 22

Plein Air Weaving Intensive 

National Historic Landmark | East Aurora

Learn to Weave, ground down and take over the Great Lawn on the Roycroft Campus for a two-class Learn to Weave series. This in-depth weaving series for beginners and intermediate students with basic knowledge is designed for those who want to learn to weave and use it as an art of modern expression while still being rooted in foundations of high craft.

Learn the building blocks of weaving, including warping, materials, tools and basic techniques, then upgrade these basic skills and learn how to use tapestry weaving and appropriate use of color to create interest. This is a "learn the rules so you can break the rules" series, designed to teach the necessary fundamentals of weaving as a jumping off for free-form expression while enjoying outside learning.

Two options available: Use a student loom or purchase the class with a take home loom and supply kit included.

feat. Lost Pond Looms. 


Make Art: Summer of Learning

Lyceum @ Silo City

Absolutely chuffed to help Lyceum @ Silo City create a art education initiative for Summer of 2025. Come get wild at the Buffalo waterfront with me adjacent to Duende for a summer of modern fiber. Take one or take them all. 


Pigments from Petals: Art

Learn how to express natural dye compounds found in the petals and stems of flowering plants and vines using mordanted cloth and skillful use of hammers, resist binding and pressure.

Get Messy. Make Art.

2024 Fiber Arts Workshops - Petals from Pigments - Wearable Art - Graphic.png

Pigments from Petals: Wearables

Learn how to express natural dye compounds found in the petals and stems of flowering plants and vines using mordanted cloth and skillful use of hammers, resist binding and pressure.

Make Art. Wear it with Pride.

2024 Fiber Arts Workshops - Wild Weaving - Graphic.png

AUG 18
Wild Weaving

Learn the rules of weaving so you can break the rules. 

A warp + weft free for all

Curiosity Mandatory: Shoes optional. 

Retreats at Olmsted

July 7 + July 21 + Aug 11

Sunday Fundays for Introverts

a collaboration with Springville Center for the Arts and the family of H.O. Olmsted

These retreat based sessions through Summer 2024 were created to offer plenty of time for individual instruction and experimentation on the beautiful secluded grounds of the private Olmsted Camp on the banks of Cattaraugus Creek in Sardinia, just 20 minutes south of East Aurora on the edge of the Cattaraugus Creek gorge.

Classes will be held outdoors on select Sundays through the summer and fall, weather permitting, in order to draw inspiration from the natural world and provide a restful setting for creation.

July 7: Foraged Forms Basketry + Off-Loom Weaving FULL

July 21: Plein Air Meditative Tapesty Weaving

Aug 11: Foraging, Force + Light: Capturing Foraged Botanicals with Pigment Expression and Alternate Photography



Monthly workshops are geared towards exploring fiber as a creative medium, and are focused around small projects that can be accomplished in two hours. 

All topics rely on some basic fiber skill set that can be used to explore new ways to create, and are developed for beginners, unless specifically noted. Modern, rooted in heritage technique.

Any group concept can be tailored to fit individual private groups, or private one-on-one instruction, either in studio, or as a "cocoon" for 5 or more participants. Inquire for group rates, or book a consult.


#MYO: Any published group concept is always available as a private group booking in-studio.

EBRU for Beginners: Basics I

Embroidery: 3-stitch Lavender Market Bags

Botanical Printing 2 Ways: Force + Light

Printing with Light: Cyanotype for Beginners

Shibori: Indigo for Beginners

Indigo Silks: Dye @ Source

Springville Center for Arts | Springville

3-Stitch Lavender Market Bags

Create something useful and beautiful, all while learning the basics of embroidery for a one-of-a-kind, environmentally friendly canvas bag for summer markets. We’ll cover all the embroidering basics, and learn how to produce something beautiful with just a three-stitch technique.


All Supplies Included


Roycroft Campus | East Aurora

Printing with Force + Light

Learn how to use cyanotype to capture a floral composition using cyanotype, a manual photographic printing process used to create print patterns. 

While prints develop, students will also learn how to imprinting blossoms into fabric using nothing but fresh blooms and greenery and a household hammer to express pigments, commonly referred to as “Flower Pounding.”

A brief primer on mordanting and natural dyes is also included.  Floral Textile Art, Two Processes. 

Crown Hill Farm | Eden

Adventures in Indigo:

Shibori Silks

Learn how to work with Shibori resist methods while diving into a journey with indigo and deepen into working with this magical plant.

Experience the dye gardens and indigo plot of Crown Hill Farm while working with Tami Fuller and Missy Singer DuMars' personal indigo vat and leave with a shibori dyed habotai silk wearable in addition to a small sample of indigo dyed wool yarn grown right at Crown Hill Farm by Missy’s Border Leicester Longwool sheep.



Felted Organic Suncatchers .png

figgy + ROC brainery

Needle Felt Basics: Organic Suncatchers


Rochester Museum of Science
Cumming Nature Preserve

July 20 | Aug 4

Outdoor | Weave

The Cumming Nature Center is a 900-acre environmental education facility located near Naples, New York owned by the Rochester Museum & Science Center. The preserve features over fifteen miles of trails and offers educational programs and service-learning opportunities. 

Two weaving classes will be offered in Summer 2024: ​

July 20: Foraged Forms Basketry + Off-Loom Weaving

Aug 4: Plein Air Meditative Tapesty Weaving

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 6.15.13 AM.png

IN STUDIO SESSIONS on pause fall 2024 | Accepting Private Groups and Bookings



Private Weaving Instruction - tapestry technique, or the next step up: how to weave simple textile and artisanal goods on rigid-heddle. (Student loom rental available).

Simple skills weaving photo.jpg




One-on-One instruction in the world of fiber + color. Lessons in acid-reactive protein dyeing and natural plant based dyes using local and native plants.


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