New for #blubirdteaches - The Art of Words

Hi, friends of Blubird. I've got some news. As some of you are already aware, I write. I always have. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes out of necessity, sometimes scratching mini-essays on scraps of paper, sometimes just vicious typed lines of text; an offloading of mental excess. Sometimes holding those of you unfortunate enough to follow me on social media hostage to the lengthy diatribe that I almost always regret. In my periodic purse cleaning, it is par for the course to

Ruminants and Pollinators: "The Goat Box"

As a business run by a farm girl turned artist, Blubird is a passionate supporter of local agriculture and female farmers. You all know I’m obviously into sheep. I also really like goats. And our birds, yes, but especially bees. I strongly believe in the regenerative power of sustainable agricultural practices and the role that our ruminants can play in healing our planet. I'm also a total crunchy granola who once set out on a perverse mission to grow 70%